Cyber PR Social Media Food Pyramid

It happens to me all of the time when I teach social media. Faces go blank, frustration begins to settle in and then I hear:

“I just don’t have anything interesting to say.” OR “I don’t want to share what I’m eating!”


You do things we mere mortals are totally enamored by you create businesses, you make art, you play music, you get up in front of people in public!

So please do not tell me you have nothing interesting to say. I ain’t buying it.

All you are missing is a System for Social Media Success.

The inspiration for this hit me while I was teaching a client in my kitchen… THE FOOD PYRAMID!

Now, I’ve been told they don’t actually teach this in school anymore… but for those of you old enough  – it’s that chart they brought out when we were in 2nd grade to show us how to eat well-rounded meals? I have re-visioned it for you.

Most people are only serving their tribes one thing consistently and are trapped either being boring or over promoting – This is like eating plain bagels over an over again.

We might want a burger, or green healthy salad, we want some candy!

We want the protein but you keep serving bagels, bagels, bagels!

Luckily, social media is a learnable skill. To ratchet up your social media effectively and manage it easily, there are only five kinds of activity that you need to engage in. Feel free to mix and match within these activities in order to suit your comfort level.

Use these as a guide to mix and match them to suit your comfort level (just like your diet, eat what feels right for you)


Servings (Recommended Frequency): 3 – 4 out of every 10 posts

Make sure you’re in a two-way conversation with people consistently

imgres Facebook: See something interesting on a fan, friend or band’s Facebook pages? Don’t just “like” it, write a true comment about it and get more involved. Facebook: See something interesting on a fan, friend or band’s Facebook pages? Don’t just “like” it, write a true comment about it and get more involved.

images Twitter: Send messages to people or mention you are with them by using the @ sign and their username (For Example: I’m @CyberPR). Retweet (RT) Tweets you like by others.

url Blog Reading: read and share great posts on your socials and leave comments!

Tumblr-3.5-for-iOS-app-icon-small Tumblr: Tumblr is a simple to use blogging platform that will allow you to comment on and re-blog others’ links, quotes, videos and songs with a click of a button.

YouTube-icon Youtube: Bonus! Make custom video comments or greetings with a smartphone; post them as comments or contributions. Subscribe to other people’s channels, and comment on their videos. A brand new service called Viddy which allows you to capture quick, 15 second videos that can be posted to Facebook or Twitter. Jason wrote a Musician’s Arsenal Guide to Viddy that will better explain how it works.



Instagram: Like and comment on others’ photos!



Servings (Recommended Frequency): 3 out of every 10 posts

All the best social media users know this and use it well. This takes all of the attention off of you and puts it onto others, and people will appreciate your kindness because you are recognizing them in front of new potential fans and followers and therefore helping them get known.


 Quote people you like by sharing their profiles and videos on Facebook and share (re-post) on your page.  Also link to articles and interesting things that catch your attention.

images Twitter: Use hashtags, @’s and RT on Twitter – talk about why and how particular tweets influenced or touched you by using to track the effectiveness and to shorten your Tweets.



Servings (Recommended Frequency): 2 – 3 out of every 10 posts

Content may be king but content curation is queen!

378838-rss-icon The best part is you can set up an RSS reader to pull interesting content for you so you don’t have to come up with anything brilliant – just select what you like and share it. And if it’s interesting to you it’s probably interesting to your community.

Then all you have to do is grab the content you like and share (remember to always give credit where credit is due).

Music: Use Rdio, Spotify, or Soundcloud to share songs, albums and playlists 

Recipes: Post links to foods you like from Pinterest, Epicuious or TheFoodNetwork

Media: Post book reviews, music reviews or film reviews

Blogs: News, politics, celebrity gossip, parenting, fashion, art, sports – all make good topics for people to connect around



Servings (Recommended Frequency): 2 out of every 10 posts

Visuals are extremely effective. And they mix up your strategy nicely.


Everyone loves Instagram take photos often – and tag!



Mix up your Tweets with photos & videos – they go straight into your feed and they get stored on your homepage – bonus!

pinterest-icon-220x213 Pinterest is a wonderful way to share photos of anything you are passionate about and create boards for your own content and anything you sell.

YouTube-icon Post videos on your Youtube channel, embed them and post across socials too! They don’t even have to be videos that you make on your own. They can be videos that make you laugh or subjects that are thematic to your niche.



Like: FATS OILS & SWEETS (Use Sparingly!)

Servings (Recommended Frequency): 1 out of every 10 posts

Of course, these are OK to do once in a while, not in an over-hypey, annoying way.  Just like treating yourself to a great pastry or some fries: it’s OK – but not too often!

It is after all, vital to tell people if you have an album coming out, a new track, a show, or anything that’s newsworthy, noteworthy, and important for your fans and followers to know about.

Don’t forget about your specific calls to actions or these won’t be fruitful.

So – Choose from Groups 1-5 and mix it up and soon you will be fully engaging people easily and naturally, without thinking. Just like eating!

VIP Strategy Day – What We Can Achieve Together

First, Is This You?

I have something I want to say, but I’m too overwhelmed with the whole online space to actually get it out.

I am already established offline, I just have not translated it to the online space because I don’t know the steps.

I don’t have enough time to plan and execute a proper social strategy, I’m too busy working!

Creating my business brings me joy, fulfillment and happiness.

I have bad online work flow habits. As soon as I log on I’m distracted by Facebook and email and all of the seemingly endless tasks associated with my computer.

I have tried social media – it’s stupid, I don’t really care about all of these people and what they have to say.


My Ideal Client

  • You are fiercely individual
  • You value independence and freedom, you create your work
  • Your work is meaningful to you and to those you serve
  • You are interested in touching more people
  • Your work life and your personal life are integrated.
  • You value authenticity
  • You have something personal you want to share with the world, but you need to find your courage and voice to do so.


“Ariel was masterful at unblocking my limitations around social media.  She explained what felt impossible and confronting and transformed it into effortless and useful in one day.  Her team dove in and created more value than I could have ever imagined.  I walked out of her VIP Day with a blog, Twitter and updated Facebook Page. Most importantly, I walked out with the confidence and vision to take it on myself.”

– Judith Gerberg, Expert international career counselor & VIP day attendee



You, Out Of The Way

I start here. This is the most important part of succeeding at anything you choose to do online, it’s the key to authentic marketing. Once you can see social media in a new light and understand how it connects directly with your vision the hardest part of the journey is complete.

Next we chart a path to becoming bigger influencer than you already are it’s time to add your Signature Story.


Signature Story

Essentially each one of us has a story to tell. For some it’s overcoming adversity, for others it’s following a dream or crafting ourselves anew. To clearly define, touch, and reach others with our story is an art, and in social media you have only one chance to move people when they encounter you online. I will help you craft an unforgettable signature story that brings your identity to light with an honest appraisal of your story and how it truly aligns with your brand and desired outcome. My expert team will execute the story once the idea is solidified.


What You Walk Away With

“80% percent of marketers start with tools and not with strategy.”

emarketer report

I could dazzle you with my in-depth knowledge of how to Tweet at exactly the right moment for maximum effect and I am happy to show my Facebook app deployment and ad-buying skills for more likes… In the long run they might not get you what you want. You walk away from our day (or 2) together with your vision captured and you know what your next moves will be because my team and I write a comprehensive plan with step-by-step implementation so your roadmap is laid out in front of you.


Let’s Connect

I would be delighted to talk about what your needs are and host you in Brooklyn. Reach me at or call (212) 239-8384


Here’s to your success,


Why Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone is The BEST Thing You Can Do For Yourself This Year

Imagine if you could measure the likelihood of your financial and personal success by measuring your comfort zone?

I’ve been thinking a lot about comfort zones lately because I’m currently in the middle of pivoting my entire company away from my ultimate comfort zone into new areas.

Let me tell you that re-invention is a bitch.

However, It’s the best risk I’ve ever taken and I know it’s right because I feel invigorated and like I am on the right path and I am beginning to represent some amazing female entrepreneurs who are up to some incredible things.

I recently revisited this fabulous 5 minute Ted Talk video by my friend Marcus Taylor who is an entrepreneur and thought leader

It starts like this: If you have never done anything that made you nervous where would you be right now?

There are so many amazing things about this TED Talk and I’ve watched it multiple times to keep my own morale up through my crowdfunding campaign

My favorite parts are:

1. “If you want something you don’t already have, you have to do something you haven’t already done.”

2. “We all have this comfort zone which determines what we believe we can and can’t do and if you are not being proactive in pushing your boundaries and getting outside of your comfort zone, you are effectively SURRENDERING all of the possibilities that exist outside of your comfort zone.”

3. “There is correlation between how much we get out of our comfort zone and how much money we earn!”

If this doesn’t convince you to take a serious risk this year nothing will.

So I challenge you to do something this year that is outside your comfort zone.

As Marcus and I would say: There are amazing things waiting just outside of it.

Marcus built the World’s first scientifically approved ‘Comfort Zone Calculator’ as a solution to track his own personal growth. Since posting the tool online for others to use, over 10,000 people have measured their comfort zone using his tool.

Click here to see where you’re at and make a decision to change one thing.

And if you are also up to some big and uncomfortable things this year come share them with me here in the comments!

Protecting Your Online Brand by Posting Your Perfect Press Kit

There is something crucial that most of you are missing on your websites.

In the age of social media we are all focusing on Twitter, LinkedIn, G+, and Facebook and, we’ve forgotten an important basic: Your online press kit – the asset that makes it easy for others to publicize your brand.

In many ways, your online presence is equivalent to creating your own online billboard. If you are in control of your website and your social channels, and you have a good grasp of 2-way conversation mastery, your online billboard will have the exact messaging for your tribe (potential customers and fans).

However, if this is not the case, here are some predictable scenarios:

  • You are featured on a website or in a conference program with a random photo of you that someone Googled.
  • You are introduced at an important talk by someone who is summarizing from a and Wikipedia page that focuses on all of the wrong things. (I’ve seen this happen multiple times – it’s not a good look).

You want all assets to be as much in your control as possible that you always have your best foot forward.

Follow this guide to ensure that you are in control of your brand and your image.

How To Post A Perfect Press Kit On Your Website

Editors, bloggers, conference organizers and even potential customers will deeply appreciate having seamless access to your information because they are constantly under deadline.

Here are the four assets to include:


Make sure your bio is easily locatable on your site and it can be easily cut-and-pasted (not in a PDF format that they can’t easily grab).

Your bio should NOT just be a “who, what, when, where, why” or a list of business accolades. Invest in having a bio written that brings out your signature story. This should be a compelling and relatable story that evokes an emotional response from the reader.

Post a long form, 250 word, 100 word and a Tweet sized bio and you have pre-delivered every possible type of bio request that may come your way (no one will ever ask you to edit your bio down again or worse, edit it for you and forget the most important parts.

TIP: Post 4 versions of your bios

  • Long Form
  • In 250 – 200 words
  • In 100 words
  • In 1 tweet

Also:  Make sure the bio can be easily cut-and-pasted!


Thumbnails are great for quick and easy loading but are detrimental for use in print (if you are a speaker or attending a conference where there is a directory, your photo may be appearing on posters, flyers and in a printed conference guide.

You should always have a few downloadable photo options on your site in at least 300 dpi / jpg format. Also post vertical and horizontal photos so editors working on a tight format won’t have to resize anything.

TIP: Create an easy-to-see link that says “click here for a hi res / low res jpg.”  That way, busy editors can get what they need easily.  When the photos are downloaded, make sure they are properly named so that editors can find them in folders and on messy desktops!


Are you an author? Do you work at a company that has a logo that might be used (or perhaps it’s your own logo and you want it used)? Include your book cover art in both hi res and lo res (jpg format).  This way, if your book, or company is being mentioned, the artwork can be easily added.


What you say about you is one thing… However, what others say about you is trusted in a different way.  So, if you have press or blog posts that were written about you or pieces you were quoted in, include them on your press kit page.

TIP: Don’t link out to articles (the sites you are linking to may take them down or go dead, so make sure you include the articles archived on your site).

Another great addition is testimonials to add from clients. If you are struggling to find some, use your recommendations from LinkedIn. If you don’t have any, send an email out to a few colleagues, your old boss or a trusted influencer in your field and ask them for a testimonial.


If you are a speaker, include a list of the topics you have spoken on and give a description of each of your talks. If you have visuals of you up on a podium or teaching in front of an audience, include them in this section.

If you are not (yet) a speaker and you want to include a list of topics and themes, you are capable of speaking on these topics for people to reference.

FINAL TIP: If you can’t easily modify your website to include all of this information, you can easily set up an page and include the 5 assets listed here.

If You Stopped Sharing Your Voice Tomorrow What Would the World Be Missing?


My friends play a game with their young children at the dinner table every evening called: High / Low. Everyone takes turns going through the day and explains what the highlight was and what the low point was of the day. It’s a great way to find out things about your kids that you may never have known. And I highly recommend you try it at your next family dinner, or even at a dinner party.

I Want to Share My Summer High / Low With You

My Highs Involved Powerful Women From 3 Generations:

I taught a family best friend in her 80s (and more vital and active than most women my age) who is dying of brain cancer how to leave her legacy behind on the Internet.

I had weekly strategy calls with a fabulous client in her 60’s around showing herself as the powerful woman that she is. She was so paralyzed with fear because she didn’t want to look like she was “bragging”. She was completely stopping herself from sharing her gifts.

I helped launch an amazing arts festival involving 140 artists from around the world in all disciplines, feeling proud because I coached the founder, age 40 through her crowdfunding campaign where she raised over 100K to make her dream a reality.

My Lows Involved Feeling Stopped and Scared

I spent weeks feeling frozen and scared and then I got really angry at myself because I wasn’t blogging enough and I wasn’t sending my newsletter regularly.

The reason: I have been focused on musicians for so many years that transitioning away from this comfort zone felt so uncomfortable I couldn’t fully get out from under the fear.

And there Was Also My Thought Leadership Quandary

Last summer I decided to explore a new topic: thought leadership. In my mind it was a key element that many need to get an edge. I started interviewing great thought leaders, and presented what I was learning at Creativelive, in London at Campus Party at the O2 Area, and at 85 Broads / Ellevate. It was really taking off.

It didn’t take long for me to realize people hate the term thought leader. I started to see this during interviews. People would physically recoil or dispute the term or try to deflect it away from them.

But this wasn’t the only thing that happened. The crew I hired to film forgot to turn the microphones on, they didn’t find quiet places to shoot, and there were weird lights flashing all over the O2, (and they never mentioned shirt was bizarrely not fitting and my hair was sticking up). I hired my favorite editor to try to salvage the footage… and even with her magic I didn’t love the way it looked and that’s when my little “not good enough” monster started to take over.

And then David Brooks came along with his New York Times Op Ed

That op-ed blew up and I NEVER wanted to see the term again.

Here’s what he said: “The Thought Leader is sort of a highflying, good-doing yacht-to-yacht concept peddler. Each year, he gets to speak at the Clinton Global Initiative, where successful people gather to express compassion for those not invited. Month after month, he gets to be a discussion facilitator at think tank dinners where guests talk about what it’s like to live in poverty while the wait staff glides through the room thinking bitter thoughts.”

When The Intelligencer reached out to Brooks for a comment. He responded, “I was just trying to be amusing about the life people like me lead… Nothing more”.

But the damage had been done it was picked up in NY Mag, Salon, Esquire and on thousands of blogs.

I lost All of My Courage to Continue

So… the footage sat on my desktop – until now.

As I agonized about what I wanted to share, this dawned on me:

I taught my dear family friend with brain cancer, my client who was stuck, and the woman who raised $100,000 this:

(choose the one you like)

effect (or effectiveness)

thought leadership

What I’ve realized is after almost 20 years of being a successful entrepreneur is:

If you want to get ahead in any desired field for any reason you must have some influence.

People used to believe that influence came from someone else, perhaps by getting an article written about you or being interviewed on TV or radio. We now know that the new model proves that when you create a sphere of influence you can dictate your own success.

However there’s a lot of noise out these and there’s plenty of fear around showing yourself because to be a great influencer you have to show yourself.

To show yourself you have to be brave enough to fight some inner demons, and possibly some external haters who may not agree with or like what you are saying, or they might not love the words that you choose (like thought leader), or they may not like your shoes (its’ the internet after all). These demons can sabotage you just as you are about to do something big.

I’m gonna get back to doing something big… by rolling out this series.

Amelia Torode has got some fascinating things to say about how your business impacts the people you choose to share it with and the world at large.

My favorite parts are where she gives a killer definition of thought leader and she asks a really important question:

If you stopped sharing your voice tomorrow what would the world be missing?

This my friends, lies at the center of influence.

Follow Amelia Torode on Twitter at @Amelia_Torode

I’m done beating myself up now, I’m back and I look forward to a fabulous fall with all of you.

Want to book a strategy session or a VIP day with me to expand your influence?
I’d love to talk to you.

Where it says: Additional Notes Regarding Your Project write – call / day with Ariel.

Ellevate Podcast Sallie Krawcheck Interviews Ariel Hyatt on Crowdfunding

Sallie Krawcheck & Ariel Hyatt podcast


Join us on the Ellevate Podcast as Sallie Krawcheck interviews me about how to build your personal brand, how to effectively crowdfund, and how to sustain a healthy business career in today’s market!

Sallie is a veritable titan in the business world. Known as one of the most senior women on Wall Street, she was the president of the Global Wealth and Investment Management division at Bank of America. She is the owner and chair of Ellevate Network, a global network for professional women, and works as an advisor for several start ups. She has been featured in a wide variety of publications, ranging from Forbes to The Daily Beast, and she has contributed articles to Reuters and The Huffington Post.

It was a real honor to speak with Sallie on the Ellevate Podcast, and compare notes on life in the crazy world of business. Check it out!

CLICK HERE to listen to the podcast!

How to Build an Affordable, Effective Website


How To Build An Effective Affordable Website


I am not a big fan of spending a lot of money on a new website, but many custom quotes are still in the “outrageously expensive” category; a few clients have recently shown me quotes of $5,000 or more. It’s not 1998 anymore, and those quotes are unacceptable.

It is perfectly possible to create an effective website at an affordable price. There is a global marketplace of fabulous platforms and talented designers who can help you build a beautiful site for a few hundred dollars. Or, if you are willing to do some of the work using a templated design, an effective website can be created for less than $20/month with no upfront costs!

A lot of people drive themselves crazy building websites because they forget that simplicity is key.


Your website exists to do two things:

1. Help you engage with your tribe and make new customers.

2. Make you money.

That’s it.

Here’s how to set yourself on the right path…


Step 1: You must have a domain name.

To register a domain name go to

Register the domain that you would like to use. I highly suggest a dot com (.com) with no slashes and underscores if possible.

TIP: You should also make sure that the YouTube, Twitter and Facebook page names match the URL that you purchased.


Step 2: Choose which type of website you want

a) Pay As You Go

A pay-as-you-go option with a website builder can get you up and running very quickly and you won’t need a designer to build the site for you. This option takes some computer skills (uploading photos and basic text editing), so you may need help if you are computer-phobic.

Here are my favorite two pay-as-you-go sites. Both have excellent call-in customer service to help ease the confusion.

Their professional version is $16 per month and it includes free web domain registration so GoDaddy is not needed.

Again- $16 per month and it includes free web domain registration so GoDaddy is not needed. Spacecraft also has a design team who you can call if you get overwhelmed or confused, and can jump in and help you.


b) Working with a Marketplace of Web Designers

A marketplace means that there will be multiple designers competing for your bid, which is fabulous because there will be many styles and designs to choose from. You can see multiple examples of each designer’s work, read reviews and feedback, and invite the designers you like to participate for your bid.

Here are my two favorites: – Has price recommendations in the $800 – $1200 range – Has price recommendations in the $599 – $1200 range

Both sites are fabulous for logo design (approx. $250 – $400) and for social media backgrounds – Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc (approx. $150).


Step 3: Make sure it’s clear and functional

Homepage Guidelines

Your entire website should be easy to navigate with a navigation bar across the very top of each page so visitors can see it (not buried where they have to scroll down).

Your whole site should be branded with your look, your colors, and your logo (if you have a logo) and, of course, a stunning photo of you / your team. All of your socials (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, G+) should all match your site colors.

You should feature your name and your pitch (what you do / your mission statement) in a few words. If you feel weird creating a “pitch”, use one killer press quote which sums you up appropriately.

Prominently feature a newsletter signup connected to a juicy bribe (white paper, video, MP3) in exchange for an email address.

To set this up, I love a tool called Conversion in a Box.

– Link to your social media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and anywhere else you maintain an active profile.

– Include a Facebook “like” widget.

– Include a Twitter stream updating in real time.

– A blog feed / news feed, or new shows updating onto the page via widgets.

-If you like sharing photos, add an Instagram, Pinterest, or Flickr stream, which
ports over to your blog!


Nav Bar elements / tabs:

1. Bio/ press kit. If you want a pro kit for $2 per month, you can use

TIP: Photos/ Images. Make sure your photos really capture who you are.
Make sure they have clear instructions on how they can be downloaded.

2. Buy products – Storefront or link to one

3. Your speaking gigs or live appearances

4. Your Blog

5. Your Contact Info

Make sure that you have your contact information with an e-mail address or a contact form there so people can contact you for online publicity, booking, or just to tell you they like you! Don’t make it hard for anyone to connect with you online.


After your site is done, make sure to keep your social media sites updated! That means daily. This way, your whole site remains interesting, dynamic, and fully updated.

I hope this mini guide helps!

6 Critical Tips For Managing Your Social Media Marketing Expectations



“80% of marketers begin with tactics instead of goals” – eMarketer Report.


One of the most difficult things all digital marketers face is the ability to effectively manage the expectations of our clients.

For us, it means properly identifying your goals as a client (be it an artist, author, entrepreneur or well-established brand) and often times, educating you as to why certain expectations and goals may need to be re-considered.

So many times we’ve had potential clients come to us complaining about how their previous digital PR or social media marketing campaign didn’t garner the results they had hoped for…


And you know what the first thing we ask is?

“Well… what were your goals?”


Here are some sample responses:

“to get 20,000 Youtube views in 2 months” or “to sell 50,000 copies of my book in 3 months”

One potential client (a brand new indie artist) told us she expected 1,000,000 downloads of her new single.


These goals are unrealistic. Plain and simple.

It is our job as your marketing and PR team to manage your expectations properly, so that you can understand the relevance and importance of our contribution towards the overall growth of your brand. Without taking the time to do this, no one will be happy with the results, including us.

The following are 6 critical things to keep in mind that will help you to manage your expectations of a digital PR or social media marketing campaign. If you have a command of these 6 things you can decide if it’s worth your valuable time and money:


TIP 1. This is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

As cliche as this sounds, it couldn’t be more true. The idea of going ‘viral’ has poisoned the general understanding of how social media works. While a video here and there may go viral, meaning it garners massive visibility in a very short time, social media is NOT a quick solution for success. A consistent, compelling content strategy must be put into place over the long term in order for you to see any significant results.


TIP 2. Understand the Purpose of Digital PR & Social Media Marketing Before You Start

Any time a potential client approaches us and says ‘I’m hoping to gain an additional X number of sales from this campaign’, or even asks ‘What sort of sales should I expect to see from this campaign?’, we immediately understand that there is a disconnect between what the client thinks PR / Social Media Marketing does, and what it actually does.

It is incredibly important to understand the following:

The sole purpose of digital PR is to expand visibility and brand awareness, and to spark new conversations about you that can lead to new fans funneling back to your social media accounts or website.

The sole purpose of social media marketing is to engage in conversations with existing and new fans and potential customers, to build increased loyalty which can ultimately be converted to mailing list sign ups (aka long-term super fans).

Digital PR and social media marketing are only part of the funnel that will convert ‘fans’ or ‘likes’ into ‘customers’, and alone will not have a direct correlation to sales.


TIP 3. Know Your Targets, So You Can Frame Tangible Goals

It is important to understand your target industry as a whole so that you know what the the best case scenario, actually is. This will be an immense help in creating goals.


TIP 4. Understand the Scope of Work

I can’t stress enough how critical it is to understand the scope of work of any digital PR or social media marketing team that you hire.

Not all digital PR and social media marketing is the same, and in fact there are several ways that it can be executed with a wide variety of focuses.

For example, my firm Cyber PR very specifically focuses on niche PR, and influencer marketing, helping clients to tell unique stories that weave their passions and their backgrounds that reach into other markets (such as yoga, entrepreneurship, parenting, etc.).

It is not our specialty to only run location specific or event PR campaigns. Many other firms do this well. So, understand what type of firm you are speaking to before you approach for a campaign.


TIP 5. Accept That Digital PR / Social Media Marketing Doesn’t Have ‘Typical’ Results

This must be the most common question we get asked when approached by any type of new client…

“What are the typical results that I can expect from a digital PR campaign?”

There is no way to answer this, because every client and every campaign is different.

There are a lot of factors that a digital marketer or publicist can control, such as how well the pitch is developed, how good of a target blogger list is and how strong the relationship with media makers within a given niche are, that can really determine the effectiveness of a campaign.

However, there are a lot of outside factors that digital marketers can not control such as demand for new stories within your specific niche, how much opportunity in that niche exists (i.e. the number of blogs actively covering the niche) and how well your story resonates, that will ultimately be the deciding factors.


TIP 6. Maintain an Open Dialog with Your Team

In order to make sure your goals are on point, and to further make sure that we are working effectively to achieve these goals, we need to be communicating!

If you come to the table with a goal, and then disappear for a month, it becomes incredibly difficult for us to manage your goal as we continue to work on your behalf. If you are going to run a digital PR or social media marketing campaign, understand that your involvement and ability to stay proactive throughout the process will be instrumental to your success.

A client who checks in, follows through, and develops a relationship with my team, is FAR more likely to succeed than someone who pays for the campaign, and then shows up at the end wondering what happened.


I hope these 6 tips help you along your journey.

Twitter Thematics – How to Easily Hone Your Message on Twitter

ariel hyatt

I had the honor of being featured on my Twitter soul sister Madalyn Sklar’s new #TwitterSmarter Podcast. Madalyn is ranked the #3 Social Media Power User in her hometown Houston, TX. As the founder of GoGirls she is a tireless advocate for female musicians and entrepreneurs and I have had the pleasure of speaking with her at countless SXSW’s and many other conferences over the past 19 years.


In our Podcast interview I discuss a system we use at Cyber PR I call Your Twitter Thematics – it is a great way to hone your messaging on Twitter so you don’t feel pulled in too many directions. It’s short and sweet and it will help you get your content focused


Listen Here ->


Here are the #TwitterSmarter Podcast Show Notes

In this episode Ariel talks about Twitter Thematics. It’s a great way to hone in on your message. Listening to Ariel talk about it is fascinating!


In this episode, here’s what Ariel covers:

  • Create “Thematics” because Twitter can take you into too many directions.
  • Thematic #1: What would your tribe/followers like?
  • Thematic #2: What is perfect for your personality?
  • Thematic #3: What is your business/message/brand trying to say
  • Thematic #4: What is your social proof?
  • Ariel recommends these four to curate your thematics. Most of your tweets should stay within this realm.
  • Keep feeding your community the thing they like.
  • Twitter lists can be helpful when choosing your thematics.
  • Your Call-To-Action: Apply these “thematics” when you’re tweeting. Curate your tweets using these four types that Ariel shares.


Links mentioned in this episode:


I hope you find this Podcast helpful and very special thanks to Madalyn who you should follow on Twitter at @MadalynSklar

Now Go Tweet 😉

A Mastermind Group Will Change Your Life




1. plan and direct (an ingenious and complex scheme or enterprise).

The world keeps changing. It changes so fast that if you are an entrepreneur trying to stay on top of your game, it can feel exhausting trying to keep up.

Something that doesn’t change is: when you have advocates to help you along you will get to where you want to go much faster than if you try to do it alone.

I hear it all of the time – musicians constantly lament: “If only I had a manager,” or a booking agent or a record label, a publisher, etc.

And my entrepreneur clients call and say – I wish I had an investor, or a marketing manager or a publicist, etc.

When you are growing it is hard to get these things. However, it’s a lot easier to get them than you might believe. Maybe you won’t get a full time person to take over, but some golden nuggets of advice, a choice article placed in the right publication, or that tip that makes all of the difference can come from surrounding yourself with people who have knowledge and who know other people… Enter your Mastermind.

What is A Mastermind?

A mastermind is a small group of people who meet regularly (one to two times per month), brainstorm together, create goals, make lists, talk about objectives, and keep each other accountable so that that everyone moves their goals forward. Over time, I have discovered that it is so much more than that.

Ladies Social

Before I go any further I want to tell you about a Mastermind that my friend Ilyana and I co-founded a few years ago. It’s called Ladies Social.  It’s a group of 28 women who are invited to come Mastermind with us. Some come to every meeting, some have attended only once or twice.  We do the same thing every meeting (see below for details) and this group of women has helped me get through the best and the worst times of my career and my personal life, because what it provides is a place to be heard and a place to receive honest and loving feedback. It is a reminder that people do have your back, and this is the best part of all. We have supported each other through quitting jobs, finding jobs, divorces, pregnancies, and projects that felt insurmountable. We have laughed and cried together (and at the holidays we have been known to bake hundreds of cookies). For these women, their energy, their expertise, and their time I am extremely grateful.

Men, don’t stop reading!  – Don’t let the words “Ladies Social” throw you off – you can do this as couples or make it co-ed!  The point is the support you get.

Setting Up Your Mastermind

I suggest you create a group of 6 to 10 people. Or you can do it Ladies Social style and choose a core group and ask them to invite friends who they think will be wonderful additions. They do not have to be in your business, and it may actually be better if they are not. They also do not have to be reaching for the same types of goals.

3 criteria

  1.    Choose fellow masterminders to invite that you admire and who will commit to showing up regularly.
  2.    Choose strong self-starters – people who know how to get the job done, who perhaps own their own businesses, who kick-butt    at their jobs, who are successful their relationships, and in their ability to achieve the true art of living.
  3.    Set a date and time to meet every month- for example, the first Sunday of the month at 3 PM – Don’t break your commitment –    you need to keep this consistency to achieve results.

Completing One Goal is Crucial!

Be careful when setting your goals. Start with ones that you can achieve within the first month (redesigning your newsletter, re-writing your pitch, booking one engagement) so you come out of your first meeting accomplishing one victory.

Please read my previous article on how to set goals and achieve them here:

Here’s What to Do at Each Mastermind

Come to each meeting with an agenda. At Ladies Social we have created a routine that we repeat at every gathering.

The format we stick to is simple yet POWERFUL, it goes like this:

We each go around and one at a time contribute the following:


A.   Start with Gratitude: What I am grateful for in my life is

B.   What I am up to / working on / how I earn my living these days is (specific project, insight, plan, a place where we are in need of feedback)

C.   What I request from the group is ______________.


We each get 10- 15 minutes and provide constructive feedback as we go.  Magic has manifested from our group over the 2 years since we started, and tight bonds have been formed.

Drink Champagne!

Start on time and socialize, or chitchat when you are all done. We usually have light snacks and champagne at the beginning, but we keep the social hour to a set time – then we get started!

Document What Unfolds

One person should be in charge of writing measurable goals, actions, thoughts, contributions and results with dates set for each one. The scribe will e-mail the notes after each meeting so that everybody can keep up-to-date. Add a reading list of books and links to articles that may be helpful to the group on your Google Sheet. Books on time management, sales, marketing and meditation are on our list and we do book swaps from time to time.

Buddy up!

Set check in times to stay on track. Between sessions, be in touch with your buddy a few times to make sure intentions are being met. Keep notes on a Google Docs that you can all update in real time when you have a success or want to share something.

And Finally…Have Fun

The last piece of advice I’ll give is-  This process should be fun as it moves you forward. Ladies Social is something we all look forward to every month, and I am delighted to encourage you to start one today!