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I had the honor of being featured on my Twitter soul sister Madalyn Sklar’s new #TwitterSmarter Podcast. Madalyn is ranked the #3 Social Media Power User in her hometown Houston, TX. As the founder of GoGirls she is a tireless advocate for female musicians and entrepreneurs and I have had the pleasure of speaking with her at countless SXSW’s and many other conferences over the past 19 years.


In our Podcast interview I discuss a system we use at Cyber PR I call Your Twitter Thematics – it is a great way to hone your messaging on Twitter so you don’t feel pulled in too many directions. It’s short and sweet and it will help you get your content focused


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Here are the #TwitterSmarter Podcast Show Notes

In this episode Ariel talks about Twitter Thematics. It’s a great way to hone in on your message. Listening to Ariel talk about it is fascinating!


In this episode, here’s what Ariel covers:

  • Create “Thematics” because Twitter can take you into too many directions.
  • Thematic #1: What would your tribe/followers like?
  • Thematic #2: What is perfect for your personality?
  • Thematic #3: What is your business/message/brand trying to say
  • Thematic #4: What is your social proof?
  • Ariel recommends these four to curate your thematics. Most of your tweets should stay within this realm.
  • Keep feeding your community the thing they like.
  • Twitter lists can be helpful when choosing your thematics.
  • Your Call-To-Action: Apply these “thematics” when you’re tweeting. Curate your tweets using these four types that Ariel shares.


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I hope you find this Podcast helpful and very special thanks to Madalyn who you should follow on Twitter at @MadalynSklar

Now Go Tweet 😉