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Dr. Kent Gustavson

Cyber PR® has changed the course of my life and my career. I have worked with a dozen publicists over the last several years, and none of them gave me 1/10 as much value as the Cyber PR® team...

Dr. Kent Gustavson

Award winning author, speaker, educator, owner of a publishing company and musician

Challenge: To establish Dr. Kent Gustavson, author of “Blind But Now I See” the unofficial Doc Watson biography, as a thought-leader in the literary community.

Strategy: By highlighting the many intriguing aspects of Kent: Musician, author, educator and speaker, rather than just his product (the book) we were able to identify and approach several blog, podcast and online radio niches, garnering feature placements on an array of online outlets, including music blogs, book review /book club blogs, and geo-targeted blogs.

Results: After as a result of a stronger online brand was selected to participate in TEDX. His talk “We Are Alive” recounted the impact of a near-fatal tragedy that reframed the importance of risk-taking in the context of creativity. Participating in TEDx solidified Kent’s status as a thought leader. We also placed 69 features for Kent – stories, book reviews, interviews, and guest-blogging opportunities across the net.

“Cyber PR® actually made me aware that I am my own personal brand. This had never been clear to me before. One of the results I had from my campaign was delivering a TEDx Talk on creativity underneath my personal “Kent.” brand that Cyber PR® helped construct.”

- Dr. Kent Gustavson

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Ester Nicholson

Cyber PR® level of excellence, attention, knowledge and professionalism helped my book and business explode into the social media world in a way that would have been impossible otherwise...
CyberPR - WebImage Edit - Ester

Ester Nicholson

Challenge: Ester came to Cyber PR already a successful thought leader.  However, she did not have an online presence to match her offline profile. That’s where our team came in.

Strategy: We expanded Ester’s audience by pitching her to hundreds of new media makers, including book review, positivity, addiction recovery and women empowerment blogs. We also coached her how to more effectively use her Twitter & Facebook profiles.

Results: Numerous book reviews, blog features, and an ongoing guest posting opportunity on, which attracts 50,000 – 100,000 visits per month. Overtime the potential for Ester is huge; as a result of long term content strategy, she was able to translate her already successful real world brand into a strong web presence, connect with her fans and establish herself as a thought leader within the online addiction recovery community.

“Cyber PR® level of excellence, attention, knowledge and professionalism helped my book and business explode into the social media world in a way that would have been impossible otherwise.  My management team and I consider Cyber PR® our friends because they have taken a personal interest in my success.  I will always return to them again and again.  They are now a part of the Soul Recovery team.  Thank you Cyber PR®  for doing only what you can do.”
-Ester Nicholson


Crystal Waters

Social Media Done for You, Strategy

Crystal Waters

International iconic dance music diva, wrote and sung “Gypsy Woman” (She’s Homeless), need we say more?

Challenge: Re-introducing Crystal Waters to the Dance and EDM (electronic dance music) blog community, build loyalty, and spark conversations among her existing fan base.

Strategy: Leveraging a #1 single on the Billboard Dance/ Club Play chart (“Oh Mama Hey’) and 24 years of history charting singles and club dates to re-introducing Crystal Waters to the Dance and EDM (Electronic Dance Music) blog community. To increase the loyalty of Crystal’s existing fan base, we created a new, thematic monthly newsletter tracking down her subscribers Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin accounts and adding her list members first names to her newsletter database.

Results: Two months into Crystal’s 4 month campaign, we have 59 placements on music blogs in the dance, house, EDM and jazz genres (the latter supporting Crystal’s unreleased Jazz single ‘The Great City’). Crystal’s first newsletter had a 26% open rate (a very high open average). Knowing more about her fans and touching then across channels is the perfect way to bond her more tightly with them.


Ariel Hyatt

A Message From Ariel Hyatt...

Ariel Hyatt

You hate social media. Ok, maybe “hate” is a strong word. You dislike it strongly b/c you don’t have time for it, you don’t want to share mundane and inappropriate things.

You love sharing your values, expertise and message with people and you want to reach more of them.

You are already established offline but you want to translate your expertise and knowledge online.

There seem to be a lot of “experts” in your field who are self-proclaimed “gurus” but you’ve never heard of them and you’ve been in business longer and you have more experience, except it doesn’t look this way online.

You already have an established offline brand, however when you Google yourself all of the wrong things (that don’t attract customers or show off your best stuff) pop up.

You’ve Facebooked your fingers numb, tweeted till you’re ticked and you have the blogging blues because you just can’t seem to gain real traction.

You already have too much on your plate to handle the swarms of people making requests and your social media queues are piling up. Because of this you  feel constantly overwhelmed when you think of your social media.

You feel it’s too late to start online because all of your competition already have years on you.

You’ve hired a social media expert or a publicist and you were disappointed with the results.

Here’s What I Can Help You With…
Think of me as your online marketing shrink.  Tell me your thoughts, fears and complaints and I’ll help you recast them in a new light!
I’ll turn you into an online Rockstar.

My team strategists will blow your mind with their ability to plan and execute effectively and my additional arsenal of collaborators (amazing web designers, infographic creators, branding experts, copywriting geniuses and professional bloggers) will work with me to make magic for you!
I will help you become Googlicious in the way you want to be seen.

I will create a long-term content marketing strategy that will be effective for you, adding you to blogs and key social sites where you will be noticed.

I will leverage my network of thousands of blogs to find a collaboration team who will bring your ideas to light.

I’ll leverage my incredible network for collaboration (content marketing) with you. How incredible is it? We’ll start with my 55,000+ followers and friends across the net and add that I’m a born and raised New Yorker with an astounding base of people who I grew up with.  We will find perfect people for you to mind meld and collaborate with.  Maybe they will interview you, maybe you will interview them, maybe you will make cool videos together, or collaborate on a blog series that thousands of people will read either way… it will be awesome.

I will host a VIP day with you where we will laser focus in on what needs to get done and we will attack it together.

I’ll teach you how to not get overwhelmed by social media and you will tame that beast!

My Ideal Client…
You are already a Rockstar offline.
You have an established business.
You are a mission driven, passionate person. You want to share your passion with others.
You love your work, it’s your mission and your life’s purpose
You are long-term Investment minded and you invest in yourself.
You are responsible for taking action (there’s nothing you are not willing to try)
You love collaborating with others.
Shining a light on others has been a key to your success so far.
You are an experiential learner and learning new things is fun
You value collaboration. You put teams around you to accomplish goals

Want To Work Together?
Fill in the Project Planner and I’ll give you a call!



Fans don't need more ways to buy things they need more reasons to participate in what artists are doing. Crowdstart will help artists understand one of the key components to the future of the music business...


Ariel Hyatt Releases Breakthrough Crowdfunding Book Crowdstart

Crowdfunding is quickly becoming a mainstream tool to support innovative projects across industries. Crowdstart: Fans, Fears and Crowdfunding – A Step-by-Step Guide to Kickstart Your Dream (Huntercat Press) demystifies the crowdfunding process with an innovative, 30 day guide that paves the way for a successful campaign…


“Fans don’t need more ways to buy things they need more reasons to participate in what artists are doing. Crowdstart will help artists understand one of the key components to the future of the music business.”

- Benji Rogers, Founder, PledgeMusic

What We Do

  • "My PR guru & social media mentor."
    Derek SiversFounder of CD Baby
  • "Thanks to Ariel’s simple strategies, I am no longer afraid of what can be truly overwhelming when it comes to social media, online marketing, and 21st century technology."
    Talie MelnykActress, Writer & Certified Movement Specialist
  • "Cyber PR® has the hands-on personal approach to publicity that I like – no BS, no hype – just the real deal – genuine, nice people who care about their craft and the people they work with."
    Chris ZahnDirector of Marketing, B.B. King Blues Club
  • "Ariel is on the forefront of new media. Her firm grasp on PR, Internet marketing, and social media make her an invaluable ally when it comes to getting the attention that you deserve."
    Jason Van OrdenInternet Marketing & Media Consultant
  • "Ariel is the best in the biz, period. She has always been ahead of the curve, and saw that the future for artist development was online way before Web 2.0 became fashionable. If you want to be dialed in to the blogosphere, hire her, now!"
    Casey PhillipsTalent Buyer & Digital Marketing Cons
  • "Ariel generously came to speak for my CNJ 85 Broads Chapter and she packed the room. Her presentation on Social Media was fantastic, thorough, with up to the minute metrics. I had to write this recommendation not only to tell you how terrific Ariel is but also to presence her generosity, professionalism, knowledge and just good old fashion FABULOUSNESS."
    Amanda NicolMarketing Chair, 85 Broads Central New Jersey Chapter
  • "Ariel is one of the most knowledgeable people I’ve ever met … She … continues to be at the forefront of marketing and PR in the 21st Century."
    Lou PlaiaEntrepreneur & Founder of ReverbNation
  • "Cyber PR® has changed the course of my life and my career. I have worked with a dozen publicists over the last several years, and none of them gave me 1/10 as much value as the Cyber PR® team. Ariel Hyatt has turned me into a thought leader, and her team has gotten me more media exposure in a few months than I had in the last decade put together."
    Dr. Kent GustavsonAward-Winning Author & Founder of Blooming Twig Books